Crazy Pill

Crazy PillCrazy Pill: How to Cope With The Crazies in Your Life
We know them when we see them, and they’re everywhere. We spot them across the room at family gatherings. We sense them walking down the street in our neighborhood. And we go to great lengths to dodge them at the office. Why? Because we’re convinced they’ve taken the crazy pill.

In this series, Pr. Rich peels back the label on the bottle of crazy pills in our world. And as he looks into what drives us crazy, what keeps us there and how to deal with the crazy people in our lives, he shows us that being crazy isn’t always bad if we’re crazy for the right things.

The Cause of Crazy
What it takes to avoid going crazy today
January 30-31, 2011

Crazy doesn’t just happen in our lives. That is to say, there’s a cause to crazy. But if there’s a cause, there’s also a way to avoid it. And it begins by recognizing a powerful truth: we’re not God. In this message, Pr. Rich takes a look at an Old Testament king who went on tilt, who went completely crazy. And as we uncover the cause of this king’s craziness, we discover just what it takes to avoid going crazy today.

The Writing on the Wall
Pride’s contribution to crazy
February 6-7, 2011

Pride is one of most dangerous and powerful forces we can face in life. In fact, it can drive us completely crazy. Because when pride walks into our lives, it demands that we take a step back from God. And when that happens, the floodgates of crazy are wide open. In this message, Pr. Rich looks at the Old Testament story of Balshazzar – a man who welcomed the flood of crazy by failing to remain humble before God. But as we see, if we’ll continue to learn from the past and heed the writing on the wall of history, we may just be able to keep crazy at bay.

Mob Madness
Surrounding ourselves with the right people
February 13-14, 2011

Crazy doesn’t just happen when we’re alone. Crazy wants to be part of a group. And in the wrong crowd, crazy decisions can leave a wake of destruction behind. In this message, Pr. Rich looks at another Old Testament king who had a bout with crazy. And as we find out what caused King Darius to make some insane decisions, we discover that the best barrier to crazy is surrounding ourselves with the right people.

A Serving of Crazy
Making crazy decisions
February 20-21, 2011

We make decisions every day. Sometimes, though, we waiver between two sides hoping to be on the right side when the time comes to act. But if we aren’t careful, that indecision can get us into some serious trouble. In this message, Pr. Rich unpacks the story of an Old Testament prophet who made a decision and stood firm, even though it seemed crazy in the face of massive opposition. And because he chose to follow God, Elijah discovered that a serving of crazy isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes it’s exactly what we need to get the most out of life.

The Crawl Away from Crazy
February 27-28, 2011
The Bible is full of examples of people who ran full speed away from God and smacked right into crazy before realizing there’s a way out. In this message, Pr. Rich revisits one of those characters. And as we study the depression Elijah experienced, we discover that his behavior was only temporary. Because when he encountered God, he found out exactly what it takes to crawl away from crazy.

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