Dave Pelz Change Agency Seminar March 20th


Dave Pelz Change Agency

Where every person can become a better leader and every leader become a better person.
Imagine a world where every person realizes their potential to lead, not by power but by a servant’s heart motivated by love.


March 20th


Refreshments provided at 5:30pm

$20 per person

Childcare Provided

Location:  Aboite Lutheran Church

Please sign up at Aboite Lutheran Church  before and after the worship services or here  

Online Signup Form

Forgot to fill out a connection card during service? Misssed this past weekend? Signup for events and programs below!
and pay at the “Donate Now” on the Aboite Lutheran Church Website or at the church no later than March 14th.



Please contact Dave at http://dpelz.com/  for more information.

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