Developing Godly Self-Esteem

Pronoun: Developing Godly Self-esteemPronoun: Developing Godly Self-esteem
They – You – Us – It. At first glance, those words seem small and insignificant. And yet, pronouns possess a power and influence beyond their size. In this series, Pr. Rich shows us the truth of how even the tiniest parts of speech can have an impact on everything we do.

They: Who Are “They”?

(January 2-3)
“They always say..” Rarely do we consider the true impact that “they” have in our lives. But in this message, Pr. Rich brings definition and understanding to a pronoun that many of us use daily. And we have the opportunity to see that life can be so much more when we don’t always listen to what “they” have to say.

You: Choosing The Right “They”

(January 9-10)
In our search for clarity and definition in life, we often have a warped view of who we really are because of the pronouns in our lives. In this message, Pr. Rich helps clear up the distortion and reveals the right sources we should turn to in order to help us see the person God has designed us to be.

Us: Viewing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

(January 16-17)
Pronouns have the potential to shape who we are, outline what we do, and influence who we become. In this message, Pr. Rich shows us how the power of one pronoun can either damage our self-esteem or reveal the truth of who we really are.

It: Building Up Others

(January 23-24)
“It” is a powerful force in our lives. But rarely do we stop to ask the question: what is it? In this uplifting message, Pr. Rich shows us the incredible influence we have in the world around us once we understand what it is. It is the power to change people’s lives by building them up instead of tearing them down – becoming a construction sight instead of a destruction zone.

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