Diana Patton LIVE Tickets

October 8, 2016

The Grand Wayne Convention Center

1pm – 3pm

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Diana’s thoughtful approach to sensitive and unsettling subjects reveals a person who considers the weight of words, and the gravity of trust.

-Will Lucas, curator at TEDxToledo

We are inviting you, your youth, youth leaders, and millennials to two hours with nationally renowned speaker and author, Diana Patton. The theme for this event is Values of a Leader. “Values” as in guiding life ethics that help a person grow into someone who will lead in the right ways. There will be no charge to attend. We will have tickets, which will be required at the door. We would like to know the number of tickets that you will use. Seating is limited to the first 1000 to respond. We have over 200 already spoken for from word of mouth alone.


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