Dr. Pagan to speak at “Reason for Hope” Apologetics Conference


What is the Reason for Hope Conference?
Being a disciple of Christ involves a lifetime of learning as we strive better to understand God’s Word, to be intelligent about what we believe, and to ably defend that belief.

To this end, the Reason for Hope seminar provides the chance to learn from top evangelical scholars and educators. Too often the world of scholars seems distant from the pew, but these sessions provide an understandable window into this world for all.

Join us as we work together to sharpen our faith and become informed and prepared Christians.

March 14 & 15 at Pine Hills Church
Co-hosted by: Pine Hills Church & Trinity Evangelical Church
Breakout session led by our own Dr. Joshua Pagan!

To register for this conference, visit http://www.pinehillschurch.com/reason-for-hope/

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