In The Zone

In The Zone: Living in the Sweet Spot of Success
Do you want to live a life in marked contrast to those around you? In this series, Pr. Rich share powerful biblical principles about what it means to live a life blessed by God, to live in the zone.

11/21 God Hearted: Generosity, the essence of God

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“How can I experience the blessings of God?” The simple, yet profound, answer to that question is found in the very nature and character of God. If we truly want to be in the zone and live life to our fullest potential, this message teaches that we must be people after God’s own heart a heart marked first and foremost by generosity. Then and only then can we understand the powerful biblical principle that “God is for us.

11/28 Skittles: Management vs. ownership of God’s blessings

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We know that all of our stuff is God’s stuff, but how does that practically play out in our lives? This message brings home the spiritual reality that a major aspect of honoring God relates to how we manage and allocate the tangible blessings He has given us.

12/5 Construction Zone: Steering clear of materialism

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People up and down the socioeconomic scale struggle with materialism-it doesn’t matter how much money you have. But as Satan builds the highways that take us out of the zone, God is building bridges that can bring us back. In this message, Pr. Rich teaches us how to actively steer clear of materialism and, instead, continue living in the zone.

12/12 The Creature from the Cash Lagoon: Money management tools to avoid debt

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It strikes the unsuspecting and unaware while leaving a disaster area of debt in its wake. The money monster takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. In this final message of the series, Pr. Rich provides positive biblical principles of money management to help us stay out of debt and keep the creature from the cash lagoon at bay.

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