Time Corners Crossing Apartment Ministry


Join us for our monthly ministry to the residents of Time Corners Crossing Apartments, a government-subsidized apartment complex.  Many of the residents have a mild to moderate physical or mental handicap, and we serve them pizza and punch, then play bingo with them afterward.  We always end the evening in prayer for the requests the residents raise.  It is always a great time, and they are so excited to see us.  (We have been told multiple times that this is the most-asked-about event at the complex all year round.  They love it!)


Please contact Gabe at gabe@aboitechurch.org or 260-436-5673 ext. 103

The Caring Hands (Homeless) Ministry

Homeless Open Hands

Aboite Lutheran Church supports “The Caring Hands Ministry,” a Christ-centered ministry that serves the homeless of Fort Wayne each Sunday morning – with a worship service and a meal. List of needed items: Blankets, Rain Ponchos, Socks/Underwear, Gloves, hats winter jackets, Garbage bags, Flashlights, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Energy Bars, Candles and matches.    Please contact Colleen at colleen@aboitechurch.org if you would like to help!



Sage Bluff Rehabilitation Center Resident Visits and Activities


This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to share a smile and let your light shine!

You tell us how much time you would like to share…. ½ hour…1 hour… per week…per month.

There are opportunities to visit with residents on a one on one basis and / or lead an activity or small group study.  There is a volunteer questionnaire from the facility that is required to be completed before beginning your service.

Please contact Colleen  at colleen@aboitechurch.org or at 260-436-5673 ext. 100 to sign up or if you have any questions.


Salvation Army Collection Site

Salvation Army

When you donate goods to The Salvation Army, those goods are then sold through the Salvation Army Family Stores and the proceeds from those purchases are used to fund the Adult Rehabilitation Centers. So every donation and every purchase makes a life-changing difference. Not just for those in the grip of addiction, but for their families as well.  We take household goods (No furniture),  clothing, miscellaneous donations on their behalf in the vestibule at the west entrance.

Magazines for Patients at Lutheran Hospital


Aboite has facilitated a ministry to the patients at Lutheran Hospital for many years. Karen Rydmen and her dedicated volunteers process donations of used magazines and then distribute them to the patients. Donate your gently used magazines in the vestibule at the west entrance.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning how to become a volunteer.  Please contact us here:  

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Habitat for Humanity Can Collection


Habitat can collection

Support the Habitat for Humanity mission by donating your empty aluminum cans to the collection shed at the south end of the parking lot. Aboite also participates in Habitat for Humanity builds yearly.

Cross Connections

Cross Connections

Cross Connections is a counseling and training center that provides affordable Christ-centered professional counseling and equips lay counselors, called Covenant Partners, to offer Biblical guidance to others. Cross Connections’ desire is to partner with pastors in restoring or changing their clients’ lives. The change we are talking about is “Biblical change”, a change that is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. We are privileged to share hope from God’s Word with our clients, no matter what their circumstances are. Lay counselors, called Covenant Partners, go through 18 months of training, and then they work under the supervision of a professional counselor. Aboite is both a member church and also the southwest Fort Wayne area counseling site. That includes benefits of being able to offer our congregation members reduced fee professional counseling, no fee Covenant Partner counseling, and the opportunity to enroll in Covenant Partner or lay counselor training.

“I learned (through Cross Connections) that I’m not in control and I don’t have to be in control. That I can trust the Lord to handle it and I think I needed to learn that, even in a deeper way. We all say we trust the Lord but when push comes to shove sometimes we think that he’s busy and we’ll take care of it. And it doesn’t work like that. He’s blessed me all the way through this mess in huge ways. Not just details but in big, big ways. Saying, ‘I love you, I hear you, I see you’…”

Visit CrossConnectionsCounseling.com for more information.