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Mission Kenya

Aboite has partnered with Hope for the Destitute to sponsor 51 HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Kisumu, Kenya so they may attend school. We organize mission trips to visit with the orphans every few years. If you would like more information about sponsoring an orphan, contact Rick Imel: rimel2@msn.com   For more information regarding Hope for the Destitute, please go to hopeforthedestitute.org  Click here for the most recent newsletter:  HFD Newsletter August 2017 (1)

 Update:  February 2017
The 8th annual Chili Cook Off was a success!  The proceeds went to the Help those in need with the Hope for The Destitute program.
Dear Brethren,
I am happy to forward you these wonderful pictures of graduation from our newly established school, Hope Academy. It is so encouraging to see how God continues to bless his work in the hands of his people. Hope for the Destitute is expanding its arms helping more and more orphans. I thank God for you my brethren for your continues support to this ministry. We pray the Lord will continue providing some more individuals to sponsor the education of our orphans.
Christ’s peace
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Update: April 25, 2016

Today was a real happy day at Kibos Hope Academy, when our long awaited prayer was answered. We, the Hope for the Destitute officials, closed the buying of the new tractor on Monday and as was planned to officially be present to school today, we thank God with prayers. The new tractor of Hope for the Destitute finally arrived in the school this afternoon. Thanks be to God, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has abundantly blessed us with all gifts we need for his service in his vineyard!
With joy and happiness we here send you the photos taken when the tractor was in school today. On behalf of Hope for the Destitute we want to express our great heartfelt appreciation to God our Father who continuously provides for Hope for the Destitute orphans and widows, through the hands of his people into whose hearts he has created generosity and love to support the needy. Brother, your family, and the entire Members of Aboite Lutheran Church (ALC), the love and generosity you have always shown to Hope for the Destitute orphans together with the programs run in HFD is evident. We so much thank God for you! This is evident that God’s hand is profoundly working through you and the entire ALC fraternity. This small organization HFD) which started helping few orphans and widows is expanding to be a great help to many needy children and widows. Right in front of our eyes, as we watch, our Lord, who is full of mercy is here extending his gracious hand and changing many needy lives. What a wonderful God we have in Jesus Christ!
With the farm project expanding, with the school expanding and bringing many needy children to us, Hope for the Destitute will never be the same again. I thank God for you ,I equally want to thank my brothers and sisters, Pastors, Richard and Josh Pagan, together with all members of Aboite Lutheran Church. You have always stood with me in and out of season to help me establish HFD. May the Lord continue keeping you in faith that our effort together continue to be blessings to many needy individuals in our midst!
Yours, brother in the Lord’s vineyard
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Update:  April 2016


Our mission continues…  there is a great need for sponsorship to assist in the provision of food and schooling for these children.  There is a full list and descriptions of those in need at our church, Aboite Lutheran Church, or you can contact Rick Imel at rimel2@msn.com for more information.

Update: March 2016


The tractor fund goal has been reached!!!  The blessings of the Chili cook off and additional donations after the event filled the gap!!  A Big thank you to all that have been so dedicated!

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from our crucified and risen Lord of heaven and earth! It is true that the Lord looks to his people with a loving and gracious eyes. He equally provides to his needy ones in his real good time.
Thank you so much brother for this real good news. Ruth, Conelia and Esther and all the fraternity of Hope for the Destitute became overwhelmingly happy when they got this tractor information. I want thank God who brought into HFD. I want to equally thank you for the effort you have always put in helping the programs of Hope for the Destitute. The Lord is surely helping so many needy lives through your work! may your life continue to be a blessing to God’s loved children who are in real need! As I look back and see what the Lord is doing within Hope for the Destitute, I equally thank my Lord for using me into this marvelous ministry. Some day Hope for the Destitute may become what we did not even imagine. Let us be open to God’s call and sending out so that he may use us according to his will and plans–as we are just his vessels working on his behalf.
May the Lord continue blessing you as you serve him in his vineyard!
Yours, brother in the Lord’s vineyard
Joseph and Ruth

Update from Principle Joseph Ochola Omollo/Hope for the Destitute :  January 2016

Epiphany greetings from Kenya in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Ruth and I are all fine as the year has started with lots of activities. Our orphans in Hope for the Destitute are equally fine as this is the week of opening schools. We thank God for his great care and provision for our orphans.

I am so happy to inform you that on 17th to 19th December (see some pictures attached) we conducted Hope for the Destitute Catechetical Seminar right at our new school compound. We thank God for his provision for the needy children among us. I am equally happy to let you know that we have this week opened Hope for the Destitute School. We are continuing with enrolling pupils. What is now good for us is that our orphans in HFD have a place to study and live. Now since we have our school, we are able to help more orphans. What a wonderful God we have in Jesus Christ our Lord who keeps on blessing and providing his needy ones in real good time. We now want to ask for your prayers for Orphan Sponsorship Program, since there are now more needy orphan children whom we are getting into the program. We so much thank God for you for your constant support to our orphans.


UPDATE from Principle Joseph Ochola Omollo/Hope for the Destitute: December 2015

We recently sent $6930.50 toward the Tractor fund as a result of the efforts from the Aboite Chili Cook Off Contests, dedicated volunteers and contributors.  In the most recent communication from Joseph Ochola Omollo, Ph.D (Director – Hope for the Destitute), he stated ” We thank God that he is providing for our orphans as the number is growing. Right now we are in the middle of finishing the temporary building for the Hope Academy (the School) and we are so exited.  I am so happy and so encouraged that at this time the Lord is providing for the tractor and the school for our orphans in Hope for the Destitute.