PRAYER REQUESTS – February 23rd & 24th , 2014

We pray for: Shannon’s mother Arlene who is dying of lung cancer.  Please give her and her family peace and comfort during this difficult time, Mike who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer please give them guidance,peace and comfort through this difficult and troubling journey, Pastor Saeed imprisioned in Iran, Please bring a husband back to You, Lord, A sister as she is beginning her long journey to sobriety and emotional mental health, Jobs for Deb & Heather, Strength for a couple taking care of their elderly mother, People at war, experiencing famon, homelessness, abused women & children, Alcohol and drug addicts, Pastor, staff, and guide our church leaders, Mental, financial, and emotional stability for a family, All people who have a heavy heart, Please help a son open his eyes and heart to You, Lord and turn from evil and embrace Jesus’s teachings, A daughter struggling with OCD & fears, Friends and family in turmoil, A new job, Help a member stick to her new diet & exercise plans, For all those who are lost & needing God, A stronger more respectful marriage, Transition & strength for a husbands new job, A mother and family to reunite and forgive, Steve Klopsch please give him and his family peace and comfort during his sickness, Please help Paul find a new job quickly, Your wisdom and relational healing for the people of the Central African Republic who are experiencing the terror of religious ethnic cleansing on a massive scale.  Protect the hearts of the Muslims being slaughtered by Christian associated militia groups; protect them from hardening towards You as a result of this horrific misrepresentation of Your heart for them.  Help the people commiting these murders to see that it is Christ they are butchering, For You love each man, woman, and child so much that You experience their suffering as Your very own:help them to put down their weapons and receiveYour compassionate heart for their fellow countrymen; lead the people of the Central African Republic to loving commitment to reconciliation with each other and You, Lord, Two teenage grandchildren who are troubled, God’s will for Emily’s best interest, Release of selfish desires & direction, God’s strength, peace, and wisdom for Nic, A lifetime partner according to God’s will, A young couple needing God’s guidance, peace, and comfort, A sister with heart failure and anemia , A young man battling depression please help him heal and help him to realize what a great kid he is, Guidance and understanding, A co worker undergoing surgery,

Healing for : Jon’s knee, Rosie who has lung cancer and please also return her to faith in Jesus our Savior, Kathryn who is recovering from knee repair surgery, MaryLou, Alexis drug addiction, A friend Mike diagnosed with cancer, Nancy, Dorothy, Lester, Frank, Brenda, and Ron, Healing for Lindsay recovering from an accident, For a marriage and to have it be strengthened in God, Friend Sharon with liver and bone cancer,

Praise for: Thanks to God for using Pastor Rich to guide our family in Your way Lord as we suffer through a great loss, Thanks for blessings we don’t always recognize, For all the love He blesses us with, Continued strength to complete schooling, For the support and love of coworkers, friends, and family,

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