PRAYER REQUESTS February 3rd & 4th, 2013

We pray for: Those grieving the loss of loved ones, Dawn and Tara ;Help a cousin to leave the past and embrace the future ;Comfort a friend who lost her brother suddenly ;A brother who is in ICU ;Safe travel and guidance for a couple ;Soften a members heart and let her enjoy her son and daughter in laws pregnancy and marriage ;Forgiveness  ;Healthy families, spiritual, physical, and emotional healing ;Bev to have less stress at work ;Help a member get rid of her emotional baggage that hinders her relationship with God and others ;Strength and self-control to quit smoking ;Comfort to Abby after finding out both of her parents have cancer ;You would touch a father’s heart, Lord ;Please help parents to guide a son and his friend to You, Lord ;Help a member develop better biblical study habits ;Please bring a members oldest child to Your word ;During moments of strife, please help us to stop and pray ;Employees of Inquest Health to be delivered from their enemies ;Parents and wife’s health ;Safety for our troops ;Lisa and Justin to find Jesus ;Patience ;Everyone’s health, may the flu bug go away ;Complete strength, faith and discipline in You, God- believing in Your plan for life. ;Financial stability for a family ;A fixed car ;Prayers that lost souls will  find You, Lord.


Healing for: Nancy as she continues her chemo treatments  ;Continued Healing for Frank ;Steve recovering from heart issues ;Pastor, Robyn, Kari, and Stevie ;Aunt Lois with a spinal infection ;For Benjamin who is 20 years old after open heart surgery, strength for his family, Janet and Ben ;Annette who has colon cancer ;For a brother in law Lawrence with cancer, please bring him peace and comfort


Praise for: Your never ending love and grace, Lord ;A husband who is “not a fan” finally ;Jesus ;Pastor & ALC staff ;Financial help ;Calmness that You have given, Lord ;daughters ;

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