Prayer Requests for the week of December 23-29

We pray for: Peace for little Emma and her family as they prepare for her to meet Jesus; Bring a husband back to You Lord; Peace and comfort to the families in Newton, CT; A friend who is in the end stages of ALS- bring peace to her and her family; Trina as she prepares and leaves for Switzerland to live and work for a year; For a brother to find strength and a willingness to make better choices and change his circumstances; Good test results; Tia, a teacher and sister who’s job has been threatened because of her Christian beliefs; Healing, strength, and courage; Positive thinking; Guidance for parents; Please be with & ease the suffering of those in Newton, CT; Please bless the Pastor, church, and staff; Help keep us Christ centered during the holidays; Guidance and peace for Regina as she retires from the military; Reminder of the true meaning of Christmas; This world to be Yours again Lord; For everyone to believe in You, Lord; Good test results; Nancy starting cancer treatment and her family; Safe travel for families this holiday season; Peace to all those who suffer loss of divorce, death, loneliness, and with finances; A mother as she faces the decision of a knee replacement; A great check up for a mother with her cardiac doctor;

Healing for: Nancy Droege; A father after surgery; Frank’s eyes; A young nephew with a rare cancer found on his head; For all affected by the tragedy in CT; Strength and healing to all;

Praise for: A son’s test results; The education offerings at Aboite Lutheran Church; A warm home and daily provisions; Sustaining us during this tough year.

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