PRAYER REQUESTS – January 19th & 20th, 2014

We pray for: Financial help and healing for a family, Shannon’s mother Arlene who is dying of lung cancer.  Please give her and her family peace and comfort during this difficult time, Mike who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer please give them guidance,peace and comfort through this difficult and troubling journey, Pastor Saeed imprisioned in Iran, Bring a husband back to You, Lord, Please provide the resources for travel to Kenya for our mission team, Full time employment for Doug and Ryan, Please keep daughters focused on You, Lord, Strength for a cousin going through a divorce, A job for Deb, A place for a son to live when he gets out of rehab, Your will be done in an impending custody case and regardless of the outcome that there is acceptance and healing, Strength and guidance in relationships, Pray that more students will attend the middle school education group, Peace and contentment for Shauna’s father in hospice, Guidance for an employment decision, True relationship with Christ, A compatible lifetime partner for those single and searching, Forgiveness for self and others, For an uncle to continue to improve and not return to his unhealthy ways, A father to be able to control his anger, A brother to be able control his behavior problems and not get into trouble, Guide Steve to You, Lord.  And guide the medical staff to help him, A son’s friend who is facing challenges at school and getting into trouble, Prayers of comfort for Jerry as he goes through three cancer RXs, Prayers for a friend who is undergoing stress at her new job, A husband’s business to do better, Kris to find full time employment,

Healing For: Jon’s knee, Rosie who has lung cancer and please also return her to faith in Jesus our Savior, Son in law with eye problems, Paul recovering from bi pass surgery, Tracy in critical care after an auto accident, Chad, Nancy, Dorothy, Lester, Frank, Brenda, and Ron, Healing for Lindsay recovering from an accident, A mother and father in a nursing home, Healing for a member please help the doctor to diagnose the problem so the right medication can be given, Todd who has diabetes, Peace and healing for a family who lost their father in an accident,

Praise for: Your guidance, Continued good health, A son opening his eyes and heart to You, Lord, Our church staff helping us and guiding us, Thanks and praise for a healthy baby girl!  God You are so great!, Undeserved blessings, Blessings of family and friends and security in Christ, Praise for the painless and easy passing of a father after struggeling with ALS for 1 and ½ years, Prayers of thanks that Mary’s tests came back negative,

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