PRAYER REQUESTS: January 27th & 28th, 2013

We pray for: Eyes to see and ears to hear; A brother and sister in law’s marriage; Please open the eyes of a son’s heart; Help guide with matters of employment and Your plan ; Help bring a family close together; God to be with a grandson Noah; Guidance for difficult decisions; A daughter having issues; Son and a daughter in law having a child in May; Granddaughters going thru stress and that both families would bring their lives to Christ; That you would soften a heart toward a family and daughter in law; Blessing of a new relationship & Your will Lord for the ending of an old one

Healing for: a brother in law Lawrence with cancer, please bring him peace and comfort; Deb who has throat cancer, and may she come to accept you Lord as her Savior; For those fighting the flu and other seasonal illnesses; Noah who is paralyzed; Of a pinched nerve; A friend Pam who just found out she has breast cancer; A husband and please bring him back into a relationship with You, Lord; Nancy as she continues her chemo treatments ; Continued Healing for Frank; Steve recovering from heart issues; A couple dealing with cancer

Praise for: Family and friends; Church volunteers; Several commissions; Opportunities of growth; Answered prayers regarding school;

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