PRAYER REQUESTS – June 30th & July 1st, 2013

We pray for: Peace for a son who is in jail; Guide and watch over a couple during the adoption process; For Linda to be pain free and please give her patience ; Ashton on a mission trip in Africa; Kevin, Jess, and Haythem to keep God a priority in their family; Safe travel; Pastor Rich and Robyn; Leanns family & Mathews family to continue to be blessings; God’s grace; Loved ones of the firefighters that lost their lives; The Lord’s guidance on a couples journey to adopt a child from Haiti; Financial help for a family ; To serve God, a job, and Lori’s struggling family relationships; All people allow God to enter their hearts;

Healing for : Nancy , Keona Shearer, Dorothy, Lester, Lenny’s mom; Brenda with painful back issues; Continued healing for Frank; Dawn’s father Jack ; A son in law going through chemo, strength & love for him and his family; Sandy; Knee and back issues and a daughter’s anxiety; Peace and healing for hurts; For a brother in law Lawrence with cancer, please bring him peace and comfort; Robyn, Colleen, Elisa, and Susan’s uncle; Victor & Jon both recovering from knee surgery; Annette battling colon cancer; Sandy, Julie, Sue, Cindy and Jerry fighting cancer ;

Praise for: The recent blessing of a new job; A church we can feel comfortable in and call home; For Pastor Rich and God’s messages delivered through him; Josh; For a helping heart; Many blessings; Thanks for Your guidance Lord in this tumultulous world; The blessings of family and friends;

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