PRAYER REQUESTS- March 17th & 18th, 2013

We pray for: For strength and help for American Pastor Saeed Abedini and his young family in Idaho, as Saeed is currently imprisoned in Iran and being tortured for his faith in Christ; A husband to come back to You Lord; Bless a brother’s endeavors in going back to school; Good test results for a wife; Smooth treatment for a friend with health problems; The Lord’s guidance on a couples journey to adopt a child from Haiti, Your love for us is so great, help them to show that love in the life of a child; God’s will in a member’s hearing on March 28th ; A marriage to be strengthened and employment for a husband; Strength and leadership ability ; A revival from the “Not a Fan” series; Continued recovery for Robyn from her cancer treatments; Strength and guidance in a foreclosure battle; Financial blessings & relationship guidance; Guidance to Follow You Lord, and not just go through the motions; Lori and her relationship with her daughter and guidance in her life; Continued healing for a hurting family after the loss of a loved one; John who is having heart surgery; Help a loved one find You, Lord; Protection and guidance for our leaders; Guidance in finding a new home; Marge, Pat and their family as they mourn the loss of loved ones; Help our nation steer away from evil ways; The city of Fort Wayne and our law enforcement.

Healing: For a brother in law Lawrence with cancer, please bring him peace and comfort; A sister-in-law Kim; Complete recovery for Robyn from cancer; A member with a physical illness and help her and her family with the news of the illness; Nancy as she continues her chemo treatments ; Continued Healing and peace for Frank; Keona Shearer; Bill; Linda who has nerve damage ; Alyssa, Nancy, Cyndi, Kate, Keonna, and “fans” of Jesus; Ron’s mom Jean who is losing her central vision; A son’s anxiety issues; Marge’s back issues.

Praise for: For each day with family and friends; The healing within a family and the many blessings we’ve had & are to receive; Answered prayers ; Thanksgiving for Steve continuing to recover from heart surgery; A nephews decision to be baptized; The blessing of a new position at work; Physical healing; Health, safety, and answered prayer.

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