PRAYER REQUESTS March 9th & 10th , 2014

We pray for: Shannon’s mother Arlene who is dying of lung cancer. Please give her and her family peace and comfort during this difficult time, Mike who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer please give them guidance,peace and comfort through this difficult and troubling journey, Strength for American Pastor Saeed Abedini imprisioned in Iran, Please bring a husband back to You, Lord, Steve Klopsch please give him and his family peace and comfort during his struggle with multiple health issues, Please help Paul find a new job quickly, A job for Heather & Tom, A friend whose wife recently passed away, Please be with Nic and guide him toward You, Lord, Please be obvious in service to You, Lord, Successful knee replacement surgery for Edith, Peace & good health for Debbie, Protection for a daughter, Wisdom to make good decisions in parenting, Please guide us and keep us humble in Your grace, Sharon who has stage 4 liver & bone cancer, A young man battling depression please help him heal and help him to realize what a great kid he is, Please help a brother stop drinking & bring him back to You, Lord, Forgiveness of self & others for things done & not done for You, Lord, A family in need,

Healing: Jon’s knee, Rosie who has lung cancer and please also return her to faith in Jesus our Savior, Kathryn who is recovering from knee repair surgery, Sheryl, Diane recovering from surgery, Allyson who has a brain injury, and for her family to know how to support her husband & children the best way possible, Nancy, Dorothy, Lester, Frank, Brenda, and Ron, Healing for Lindsay recovering from an accident,

Praise for: Thanks for a job for Deb, Thanks for more days with family & friends, Volunteers and church staff, Pastor & staff for creating a place to worship & learn more about what & how God wants us to be, All of our blessings, a church to call home, and a God who listens, heals, protects, & loves, A new business adventure, Safe travel & family blessings,

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