We pray for: The Lord’s guidance on a couples journey to adopt a child from Haiti; Strength and guidance in a foreclosure battle; Please bring a husband back to You, Lord and restore his heart from a past hurt; For American Pastor Saeed Abedini suffering in an Iranian prison for his faith, who continues to be beaten by his captors into denying Christ. We ask for Christ’s comforting, healing presence for Saeed; and that his captors would come to know that they themselves are deeply loved by God.; Salvation for our president and his family; Guidance for future decisions; Please be with Austin and his mother as she is facing brain cancer, please guide us to help them know You, Lord; A sister still seeking employment; Blessings on a new business venture; Heal a friend’s marriage; Help daughters to be strong in their faith; Your perfect mate Lord for Tim; A new and better paying job for a husband; Prayers for going through the adoption process for a family, bless them with the child meant for them;

Healing: For a brother in law Lawrence with cancer, please bring him peace and comfort; Complete recovery for Robyn from cancer, please be with her as she starts chemotherapy; Complete healing for Coleen who has cancer , and thanks for her successful surgery and the removal of the cancer; Elisa who has cancer; Susan’s uncle who has lung cancer; Victor recovering from knee surgery ; Jon recovering from knee surgery; Kim having open heart surgery; Dawn’s father Jack who had open heart surgery this past week; A mother diagnosed with colon cancer; Brenda; Baby Bryson; Nancy ; Keona Shearer; Linda ; Brenda’s back ; Dorothy Furniss; Lester; Lenny’s mom who broke her leg; Frank;

Praise for: The quick sale of a home; All the people who served or currently serve in our military and their families; Forgiveness ; Feeling better; Family and friends; Answered prayer; Time spent with family from out of state; Birth of Anna; Many blessings and a church to call home; For continued healing and guidance; Blessings of a family;

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