PRAYER REQUESTS – November 10th & 11th, 2013

We pray for : Financial help and healing for a family, Shannon’s mother Arlene who is dying of lung cancer.  Please give them peace and comfort during this difficult time, A family who lost everything in a fire, Peace and comfort for the Bowers family, Safety and salvation for a son biking across America, A husband and wife to yield to Christ, God to guide a member in helping family members see that Jesus is the only way to heaven, A friend struggling with her father’s death, Taylor to turn to Christ, A husband struggling in a new job, grant him courage and renewed faith in God’s plan for him, Healthy baby and easy delivery for a daughter Angel giving birth on 11/11/13, Friend experiencing trouble with aging parents, please give them strenghth and guidance with father’s anger and mother’s health issues, Continue to guide us as parents to bring and open our children’s hearts to You, Dylan, Our nation returns to its Godly roots and founding principles , A stepson to reunite with his father and to remain strong in his Christian faith despite living in a Muslim home, A long distant relationship & two family members to find God, Prayer and support for bankruptcy proceedings, Bring a husband back to You, Lord, Protect a daughter through a difficult situation, Please help Steve to know you Jesus, and please heal his lungs and kidneys, Jobs for Heather and Deb, For Bob to know Jesus, A stronger relationship with Jesus for a son, A stepsons continued sobriety and drug free life, Strength and peace for Jacque, Comfort and peace for Betty, Help a member to seek God in church decisions he is part of , For Chris’s daughter who has spreading cancer please give them acceptance, peace and comfort, A revival of faith to a couple struggling with health and financial issues, For a friend to keep a loving heart through a divorce, Blessings and God’s will in a corporate meeting, job, and financial security for those in need, God’s will in relationships, Feed & clothe the homeless & hungry, Lead our country by Your laws, Lord,

 Healing For : A brother in law Lawrence and sister Sandy, Jon with knee issues, Rosie who has lung cancer and please also return her to faith in Jesus our Savior, Alleigh, 11 years old, fighting cancer for the 3rd time, A sister in law diagnosed with dementia, Steve with cancer, A friend who has been re-diagnosed with esophageal cancer, Physical healing, Continued healing for Corey involved in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago, Mae’s dad in ICU, A cousin Chad diagnosed with cancer, Nancy, Linda, Keona, Dorothy, Lester, Frank, Brenda, and Josh, Healing and comfort for a member’s daughter who was in a motorcycle accident in Florida, From chronic back pain & addictions,

 Praise for : Your never ending grace oh Lord, Your blessings, Aboite Lutheran Church for fortifying our faith and strengthening our family , For family and inspiring friends within this church community, Blessings, guidance & forgiveness,

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