PRAYER REQUESTS – October 27th & 28th, 2013

We pray for : Please bring a husband back to You, A son and his girlfriend, that their eyes and hearts are opened and they come back to knowing Christ as their Savior, Employment for Deb & Heather, Mental healing for Sandra, That seeds were planted in non believers attending a funeral, Protect a daughter during a difficult time, To work on forgiveness, A husbands new job & a new chapter, A healthy baby for a son and daughter in law, A couple buying their first home, Peace and comfort for the Kast family , A family to find a home church, A family to grow closer to You, Lord and help them to find peace, A husband & wife to become closer & less stressed, Guidance and resolution, A daughter to live by example of Christ for her family, To be selfless towards others & family for God, Holy Spirit to empower us to be bold for the Lord, Healing, For a brother in law Lawrence with cancer and his wife Sandy, please bring them healing and their family peace and comfort, Jon with knee issues, Lisa’s father recovering from bypass surgery, Rosie who has lung cancer and please also return her to faith in Jesus our Savior,

Healing : for Gary who was injured in a bike accident, Steve with cancer and Taylor who lost her faith, A husband having issues, A son in rehab, A brother’s sister in law, Nancy, Linda, Keona, Dorothy, Lester, Frank, Brenda, and Josh, Joni diagnosed with lung cancer, be with her as she starts treatment, Physical issues and a grandmother’s grief,

Praise for : Healing of Bret’s father Ron , Pastor, Many blessings , Blessing of family members that helped through a tough financial time, Thank you Lord for showing us true faith, love, and patience, Healthy birth of Abraham, Continued healing for Frank,

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