Prayers of the Congregation

We invite you to pray for the needs of our congregation:
We pray: for a successful job search; my mother will accept Christ fully and commit to attending church; Bill will have discipline to stop eating badly; that daughters will have thicker skins and softer hearts; Bill to have wisdom in life and business decisions; a mother meets a nice companion to spend time with; for the ability to be financially stable in a new business so they no longer have to be a waitress; for a stronger marriage; for a young man going through difficult times and that he is able to find Christ; for freedom from financial debt and addictions; for a positive attitude for a pessimist; safe travel for Jean to Jamacia; for Mike to do well in sales; kiids do well in their lives; employment for Kris & to do well in school
Healing for: Aric, a father / father in law battling cancer, eleven year old Austin fighting cancer, a daughter’s recovery from surgery; a daughters eye teeth to descend; a friend going through tough times; a friend battling cancer; a very sick 91 year old grandma, may she find peace; Kline family who lost their father/husband; Nonda with colon cancer; Chuck recovering from a stroke; Cindy with breast cancer; Carol who lost her beloved pet; Vicki’s continued struggle with the loss of her son Andrew (23yrs); Takia & Sue battling health problem; peace to a friend battling depression
Praise for: Loving and forgiving me of my sins; Pastor and the work of the Aboite staff and volunteers; for the gift of being a mother & blessed with 2 beautiful & healthy children; a job for Julie; two wonderful daughters and a fabulous husband

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