Prayers of the Congregation

We pray for: A boyfriend who is an alcoholic, please give him the strength to want to change; A step dad to feel better struggling daily to breath; A struggling marriage; A friend who has lost a son; A troubled son, may he find his way back to the Lord; A husbands peace; The health of a newborn; Peace within extended family; A strong Christian to see her lies as sin and stop, so to have peace; Successful surgery & healing for Andrea; Minger/Kruse family as they mourn the loss of their father; A mother; Continued healing from anxiety; Guidance and peace ; Help to find forgiveness in a heart; Wisdom in business & social decisions; Safe travel for Ashley; Thicker skins and softer hearts for Lauren & Emily; A husbands cancer testing comes back negative; Continued health for a family and a job for a husband; A brother’s heart surgery, and healing afterward; Nonda as she undergoes radiation and chemotherapy, Jean’s mom as she may have her foot amputated; Chris as he seeks for guidance in his life-let Jesus lead him; Pam as she suffers from the loss of her dad; Drake to have a safe trip with his parents; Kellum family as they move to Texas; Guidance to a friend who is spiritually lost
Healing for: Jack & Betty Kast, and Debbie Starnes; Continued healing for Ron after a heart attack; Safe travel for family; Best friends marriage; A friends brother in law undergoing a quadruple bypass at 39 years old; A dad; Marcia who has throat cancer; A father in law who continues with his struggle against cancer; Seth Ziegel after a kidney transplant; A friend having blood transfusions; Faith who is having fainting spells
Thanks for: Healing, our military overseas, the leadership of our country; All our many blessings; Family; A great husband & children; Continued blessings; Thanks and praise for unexpected blessings; A wonderful family who loves each other; Financial blessings; A husband growing closer to You Lord and him recognizing his need for a Savior; Thanks for more open communication in a marriage

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