Prayers of the Congregation

We pray for: A sister with a drug addiction, and for a brother to return to college and stop using tobacco; Safe travel for a sister; A marriage; Good test results for Katina; Parents and wife’s health; Patience & safety for our troops including nephew Joe; Step daughter and son to find faith, and 2 grandsons to find direction for their lives; Sarah as she undergoes a very difficult loss at work and begins a search for new employment; A grandmother diagnosed with terminal cancer, we pray for a painless & peaceful last few weeks; Jack & Betty Kast, Danielle, Pam’s brother in law, and sister; Healing of a relationship, bring forgiveness and peace to a brother and son; Comfort for a mother who is alone during the holidays; Peace for a family who lost a father/grandfather at Christmas; Paul who lost his mother; Safe travel for family members traveling to Florida; The lonely and the destitute that they find comfort in the Lord, that we understand the enormity of God coming to earth thru Jesus as a human to live w/us, die and save us.; A job for those searching, maturity, selflessness throughout the year and willingness to be peaceful and content.; A daughter and son to intensely return to God and bring others with them; An out of town church during vacation; Families struggling with the loss of loved ones, divorce, and substance abuse
Healing for: A friends father in law just diagnosed with a brain tumor; Anxiety and depression; Jennifer who has thyroid cancer; God’s love and healing for Carol & Dave
Thanks for: For Pastor & a great staff for a wonderful Christmas message; Jesus, Healthy family & friends; Pastor & ALC staff

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