Prayers of the Congregation

We pray for: A couple going thru a divorce, especially the husband; A woman going thru an unexpected pregnancy; A woman who needs love& guidance in going thru a lost love; Bring a husband back to You; Jack & Betty, Thatch and Peggy; Patience for a mother & safe travel; Help children to witness to their grandma and she will desire to attend church; The doctors at Mayo to find what they need and a plan to be in place when we leave; A brother in law to find Jesus and know Jesus; Alex, a young man with many troubles; Blessings of a healthy pregnancy; Peace to a friend, Your wisdom for a friend to be able to divulge information in love; God’s will in everything daily; A mother as she awaits going to heaven; A brother to find a job; A son & girlfriend that need to find the true meaning of love; Grace in parenting, happiness & contentment; A brother and sister in law with money problems & health problems; Dorothy Blue, Anna, and Bill Dunn ; Marital peace and happiness, employment for a husband, guidance; Sister in law Kristie struggling with relapse- marriage difficulty; The family of Rick Issenbarger, he died of a heart attack ; Continued health improvement, safe travel, and guidance for our leaders; For a brother in law to come back to Your word and influences Lord; To bring a husband to church and develop an eagerness for him to lead his family in a life that serves the Lord; Patience, daughter and stepson to come to know Jesus; Parents and wife’s health; All unbelievers to know Jesus; Safety for our troops, including nephew Joe; Help with finances; Parents going thru a rough time; Laney family who lost their mother; God’s comfort to the Hale family who lost a loved one to pneumonia; Guidance in a major decision
Healing for: Nancy who has cancer. Please give her the strength to deal with the treatments; A sister who was diagnosed with cancer, please help her as she undergoes treatment; Barb’s sister Bonnie; Nancy; John with cancer; Of an illness, broken hearts, and broken spirits; A nephew who had a heart transplant; A best friend who remains without a diagnosis for her debilitating disease; A favorite aunt battling cancer; A mother in law hospitalized for gallbladder problems; Bonnie as she just found out she has cancer please give her strength; A friend with breast cancer and friends with health conditions; A dear friend struggling with heart problems; For the source of a member’s headaches
Thanks for: A wonderful serving husband & for Pastor’s Rich’s message; Your unconditional love Lord; Bringing our family closer together; Jesus; Pastor & ALC Staff/ volunteers; Blessings of a family; Continued employment; Continuing to strengthen a marriage


  1. Katherine Wilson says

    What follows is a request for prayer as a congregation, which I desire to be included in the spoken prayer which is offered weekly during services.

    I am curious what happens to such a request, and ask to be notified by email or phone when this request is received as to what will actually be done with it. Thank you.

    Sincerely, your sister in Christ,
    Katie Wilson

    We pray for the encouragement of all of our brothers and sisters around the world who are currently being persecuted, imprisoned, or are awaiting execution for their faith.
    We especially pray for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and his family in Iran.
    We pray for the persecutors, Lord; for the work of Your Spirit within them. Soften their hearts and call them to Yourself – even as You called Paul, Your beloved servant.

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