Prayers of the Congregation

We invite you to pray for the needs of our congregation:
We pray for: a son to find church; peace for a wife; humility for a daughter; forgiveness for all who need it; an agnostic brother to find Jesus; a nephew; guidance raising children the way You would want me to; a daughter and her family to know Jesus; protection for a nephew and all of our troops; a friend to find employment; a daughter to continue growing in her faith; clarity in difficult times
Healing for: Wanda, who fell and broke her shoulder; a father who continues to battle cancer; friends with cancer; a marriage, that they both seek God and invite him into their lives; a brother’s mental health; a son in jail, grant him healing for his addictions; a granddaughter’s health; a friend’s marriage; Cindy undergoing physical therapy; a wife and her parents; continued recovery for Tama following surgery; a friend awaiting organ transplant
Comfort to: a family whose daughter took her own life one year ago, a member experiencing job loss
Strength for: a member enduring difficult times; a son making a difficult decision; a newly married sister and brother-in-law living overseas; a wife taking care of an ill husband
Thanks for: a son’s 31st birthday; many blessings; financial success; time spent with family; a successful surgery and healing from cancer; a job promotion in ministry; bringing a separated family together; Your son Jesus; Pastor Rich and the work of the ALC staff and volunteers; continued employment for a member; a Godly husband and children; Your abounding love and grace

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