Prayers of the Congregation

We invite you to pray for the needs of our congregation:
We pray for: the ability to recognize Your authority; continued blessings in a relationship; strength and wisdom for a troubled father; safety to a mother and father traveling; Pastor Pagán and Josh as they together shepherd and teach the flock at Aboite; a daughter to grow in her faith; You Lord to be first priority in everything; wisdom in dating and seeking a lifetime partner; a family’s forgiveness in a wrongful death; good test results for a sister-in-law; a safe move for a son
Healing for: a strained relationship between a mother and her daughters; a grandmother recovering from a car accident; a sick niece; a mother and grandmother recovering from surgery; a son suffering from digestive problems; a friend’s mother; a young couple heartbroken after a miscarriage, may you give them the strength to try again; Joe battling Stave IV sarcoma; Becky with blood clots in her lungs; a mother
Strength for: a couple beginning a healthy lifestyle; a marriage in turmoil; a member experiencing deep depression
Thanks for: successful eye surgery for a daughter; continued financial blessings

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