Prayers of the Congregation

We invite you to pray for the needs of our congregation:
We pray for: Mark’s job loss in March; a friends return of cancer, alcoholism, & her willingness to have a relationship w/ God; children’s walk with you Lord; singles searching for a lifetime partner; spiritual guidance & Your will; a successful surgery for a dad; our service men, women, & their families; jobs for family members; good dialysis sessions for a sister; the ability to recognize Your authority; everything to work out for life in general; everyone to be safe & happy; a daughter’s eye teeth to come in; wisdom in treatment decisions for patients & growth of a medical business; daughters to learn what forgiveness truly is; a friend Marion; first born of our land struck down by abortion; the Lord to work in the hearts of a family & draw them closer to You; that this family will be kept safe, and wise and Godly decisions will be made; a bunny; healing and positive encouragement; good test results for Ryan Smith; a daughter to grow in faith; a husband to continue doing well at work; Brittay & Brandon to do well in school and at their jobs, Norma to feel better
Healing for: a mother’s medical needs; Joe Reilly, Martha Reilly, Paul & Ella Switzer; a broken marriage; a serious condition; a mother’s depression; afriend battling cancer
Thanks for: this great sermon series; a safe move for a son; improved vision for Laurie; safe travel, the sunshine, good health, family, & friends; the Grace given at the cross, please help us as a church realize our freedom by that Grace to better serve the Lord; alowing a husband to stop his insulin shots

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