Prayers of the Congregation

We invite you to pray for the needs of our congregation:
We pray for: healing for Brian and his sudden heart attack; that children & grandchildren return to faith and church, find host families for a youth orchestra coming in July; your will for good test results at Doctor’s appointment Monday; wisdom to make right choices; increasing faith of Jesus in our world; son in law to find a job; gas prices to come down; financial stability; wisdom for a father and for a child’s eye teeth to descend; daughters to have softer hearts and thick skin; a brother John with lung disease pray that he stays faithful; ALC reaches everyone in the community; a grandpa to accept Jesus as his Savior; wisdom in decisions for Aboite staff and church council; Tim & Trent working on a church plant in Oakhurst, GA; Trevor preparing for a mission trip to Brooklyn, NY; Love Church raising funds for operational budget; for Keona to have amazing test results; Mike, Chad, Brit, Jaime, Danni, Donna; that the Lord will capture a husband’s heart so he can love him with all his heart and not just his mind; guidance with decisions with marriage and whether husband will or should come home; a daughter to grow in faith; a family to have no problem finding a house; lose desire for things that are not Your will for my life; safe travel; Chris doesn’t lose his job
Healing for: a daughter’s marriage; a father battling cancer; a brother with congestive heart failure, a stroke, and a hole where Jesus should be; continued healing of Alicia’s broken leg; a mother’s health; families affected by the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa & elsewhere; a grandma’s health issues and further testing; Cindy with breast cancer; Nondo with cancer; a Family feud; a grandfather in the hospital with a broken femur; Donald Lloyd under hospice care awaiting heaven; a wife that lost her husband to cancer; an ex father in-law in the hospital with heart problems; people in Alabama that were devastated by the storms; for a neighbors anxiety
Praise for: jobs, healing of Bob’s shingles, a sister’s dialysis going well; forgiveness of sins; income & health insurance; praise for a neighbor who accepted the gift of Salvation; blessings in a job search

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