This Week: Life Is About Growing

Stepping Up to Spiritual Growth
Every computer application you own, whether it’s a Mac or PC gets updated every few months or years, and you have to learn to use the new features or risk falling behind. Some people struggle to use Facebook and smart phones, to text ,and use tablet computer apps because they didn’t grow up with them and didn’t realize they would have to learn all of this in order to just keep up with the culture they’re a part of. When you grow as a football player, you learn to run better, tackle better, read defenses better. When you grow as a Christian, you learn to believe better, hope better, and love better. As you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, you believe less of what Oprah says and more of what God says. You become less of a taker and more of a giver. Your life becomes less about you and more about others. Join us this week as Pastor Rich teaches us about spiritual growth.

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