This Weekend: “Wired to Worship”

We are learning these days that challenges are a good thing. Last week we started our 30-Day Church Challenge and we committed to doing it together! You committed to attending the worship service each week during this thirty-day period, to reading the short daily devotional in the 30-Day Church Challenge book, and to consider joining a small group, if you aren’t already in one. We are learning how we can take big steps toward reaching our God-given potential, and we are strengthening our relationships with God and with one another. We agreed that at the end of the thirty days, we want a transformation in our thinking about the church—not just viewing it as a place to come to—but realizing that it is a vibrant family to belong to. We want to become the church: A community of faith—powerful, inspirational, and transformational—touching our community and the world with the power of the Gospel! That is the vision we have for the next thirty days … and even after that!

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