Why I Teaching Series

In our frenzied rush through life, we rarely slow down long enough to ask ourselves why we do what we do. In this series, Pastor Rich takes the time to do just that. Rich, a self-proclaimed why guy, opens up his life to give us an insider’s look at why he does what he does. And through these probing messages, we’ll discover that the amazing life God has in store for us is often just one question away.

Why I Laugh: The power of laughter

August 1

Laughter isn’t something we often view as a spiritual issue. But in this message, Pastor Rich unpacks the powerful reasons behind why laughter is such a vital issue in his life. And through those answers we discover some amazing benefits that emerge from such a seemingly superficial act.

Why I Give: The blessings of giving

August 8

In this message, Pastor Rich asks and answers a very personal and powerful “Why I” question. And through the answers, we see that giving is not something we do for others or even for ourselves. It’s all about an audience of one.

Why I Doubt: The truth about doubt

August 22

In our self-sufficient society, we’re supposed to know all the answers. And if we don’t, we should certainly never appear that way. After all, doubt is seen as a sign of weakness. But in this message, Pastor Rich reveals the truth about doubt in his own life and shows us how, sometimes, doubt can be an asset to strengthening our faith and our lives.

Why I Trust: What trust really is–and isn’t

August 29

We all know people who declare, “I won’t believe something until I see it for myself!” But is real trust based simply on what we can see, feel, touch, taste or smell? In this message, Pastor Rich asks the question that is essential to the Christian faith. And as he unpacks the answers, we have the opportunity to see what trust really is–and isn’t.

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