World Vision Caregiver Kits

Home-based care for those living with AIDS: For just $25 you can provide medication and supplies to a volunteer caring for people living with AIDS!

Caregivers need our support

Dedicated family caregivers and volunteers are making a world of difference for people living with AIDS in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These courageous caregivers often sacrifice everything to care for sick parents, relatives, and other community members. But too often they lack even basic supplies. You can equip them with the practical materials they need to care for people living with AIDS.

You can make a difference!

Providing Caregiver Kits is a tangible way you can show your love and concern to those suffering from AIDS and encourage those who are caring selflessly for their neighbors.

Simple items prolong lives and comfort the sick

Basic supplies like washcloths, latex gloves, and cotton balls allow caregivers to minister to the sick while helping prevent the spread of infection.

How are Caregiver Kits assembled?

Volunteers from our church and community will assemble the supplies
into kits. Your donation will help cover supply costs and the shipping of the kits to World Vision projects in 17 countries.

Soon Pastor Rich will be letting us know how Aboite will be getting involved in this awesome outreach. Please watch the announcements and weekly emails for more information.

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