Youth Car Wash a HUGE Success!

thank-youThe Youth Mission 2015 Car Wash Fundraiser was a H-U-G-E success!!  Thank you to all the parents, contributors, and youth that helped and worked so hard to make this such a blessing!  The Youth will be serving the town of Hurricane Creek.  The town of Hurricane was named after Hurricane Creek, which was, in turn, named after a group of trees at the mouth of the river bent in one direction. A party of surveyors commissioned by George Washington noted the site appeared to have been struck by a hurricane, and the name just stuck. Locals pronounce the name “HURR-i-CUNN” so when visitors want to fit in, they are sure to make the distinction. Some areas of the town appear as if they still qualify for hurricane relief and our service to the residents will make them feel like they are getting the much needed assistance they have been waiting for. Many folks simply need a new paint job to spruce up their home. Other people desperately need access to their doors so they can get out of the house and enjoy the neighborhood.

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